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Brand perception is like a shape-shifter. It’s in a different form today but you can’t guarantee to see it in the same form tomorrow. This is where brand consultants step in to help even famous brands adapt to the ever-changing platform.

If popular brands don’t keep up with the new developments in the industry then they can lose their popularity. So, I conducted research on what brand consultants suggest to help famous brands keep up-to-date with the developments while reaching the consumers.

Brand consultants prefer crowdsourcing

Fame prevails when more and more people talk about you with admiration and respect. They’d want you to make them a part of yourself. Similarly, crowdsourcing helps consumers be an integral part of the brand.

In 2012, Lay’s, the world’s largest chips manufacturer, came up with the crowdsourcing campaign named “Do Us A Flavor”. In this campaign, customers were encouraged to invent their unique flavors and share them online. As a result, there were 14 million submissions with Cheesy Garlic Bread as its winner. 

The no-brand strategy favored by brand consultants

One of the key aspects of product branding ideas is minimalism. The simpler, the better as thoughtful designers preach while guiding on how to create a brand identity. One such brand that successfully utilized the no-brand strategy is Muji, which translates to “no label”. The strategy not only saves marketing and packaging costs but also brings the product to the forefront.

Even rockstars adapt to the no-brand strategy. The English rock band Led Zeppelin published their 4th studio album with no band names, title, or even a record label logo. The band’s decision to opt for substance over style and as a result, the album sold 37 million copies worldwide. 

Incorporate localization

English is indeed the global language. But to reach more consumers, a famous brand also needs to communicate with its international audience. And they may not necessarily have a proficient understanding of the English language. 

Take Netflix for example. They made their thrilling show Stranger Things available in 190 countries around the world and more than 20 languages. A large number of consumers retained by allowing them to choose a language of their preference with subtitles or dubbed versions of the show.

Embrace attitude branding

Your brand shouldn’t be just about the products you sell. It needs to be more than that. It has to be a particular feeling, a sensation, a lifestyle, or a personal identity. To cut short, it has to be purposeful and empathetic. Attitude branding is all about this.

For instance, when you were a Nike shoe, you just don’t wear a shoe. You wear “motivation” and “power”. The same goes for Apple, which they clearly expressed in the phrase – “If you don’t have an iPhone, well, you don’t have an iPhone.”

As a matter of fact, you can have branding ideas for the office too. Incorporate those values or sensations into your office culture. In this way, your office will reflect what your brand stands for.

These were some of the strategies suggested by brand consultants that can help brands reach their consumers, effectively. However, as mentioned earlier, brand perception is ever-changing and someday, these strategies might be redundant. But for now, it’s safe to say, these strategies can still be put to great use.


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