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In our UX design arsenal, we wield innovation, wield empathy, craft intuitive interfaces, and serve seamless interactions for an extraordinary digital feast!

UX strategy

UX strategy

Are you feeling lost in the online wilderness? It's high time we spruce up your digital turf with a UX strategy that's as sharp as your favorite snappy comeback. Imagine your brand's goals mingling with your users' dreams at a virtual shindig. That's the sweet spot where the magic unfolds – where your brand's vibe meets your users' wishes.

We're not just talking about being user-friendly; we're talking about turning your digital playground into a sleek, stylish hangout, minus the awkward high heels. Your brand's personality and your users' desires are like a dynamic duo that needs a strategy to keep them in sync. It's all about crafting an experience that drops jaws, an interface that wows, and interactions that leave your audience grinning from ear to ear.

Think of us as the matchmakers of the digital world, uniting your brand with its perfect audience. It's not just about clicks and conversions; it's about creating digital love stories that have users coming back for more. So, whether your brand is the life of the party or the sophisticated wallflower, we'll tailor a UX strategy that makes it shine – and, of course, add a sprinkle of wit and charm to keep things lively. It's time to optimize your digital presence and let your brand be the star of the online show!

Information architecture

Information architecture

Have you ever been to a website so confusing you wanted to throw your computer out the window? Or a store so cluttered you couldn't find your way out? That's where information architecture comes in.

Information architecture is the art and science of organizing and structuring content so that it's easy for users to find and use. It's like the secret sauce that makes the difference between a frustrating and delightful user experience.

Information architecture is crucial for any website or app that wants to be successful. When users can easily find the information they need and complete tasks with ease, they're more likely to come back for more.



Prototyping is one of the most important tools in a UX designer's arsenal. It allows you to test out your ideas and get feedback from users early and often before you've invested too much time and effort into developing your product.

A prototype is a working model of your product that you can use to test out the user experience. It can be as simple as a paper sketch or as complex as a fully functional prototype that you can use to conduct usability testing.

No matter how simple or complex your prototype is, it can be incredibly valuable for improving the UX of your product.

Here are just a few of the benefits of prototyping:

Prototyping allows you to test out your design with real users and see how they interact with it. This can help you to identify and fix any usability problems early on before they become costly and time-consuming to fix later in the development process.

Prototyping is a great way to get feedback from users and make improvements to your design based on their input. This can help you to create a product that is truly user-friendly and meets the needs of your target users.

Prototyping is a great way to communicate your design ideas to stakeholders and get their feedback. This can help to ensure that everyone is on the same page and that you are developing a product that meets the needs of all stakeholders.



Ever wanted a sneak peek of your website's grand design plan? Enter wireframing, your digital blueprint. It's like looking at your website from a bird's eye view, ensuring you can fine-tune the critical structural elements that make your audience say "Wow!" With wireframing, you get to visualize the skeleton of your web pages, ensuring that your online presence meets and exceeds the expectations of your audience.

It's the web designer's equivalent of sketching a masterpiece before applying the paint. Wireframes empower you to make informed decisions, catching any design hiccups before they become headaches. Your audience's needs are like puzzle pieces, and wireframing is the glue that brings it all together, creating a seamless and engaging digital experience. So, let's transform your digital canvas with wireframing, ensuring that your website is not just visually stunning but structurally sound.

UI design

UI design

Think of your website as your digital red carpet event. UI Design is your team of stylists, making sure your online presence looks so good that your customers can't help but fall in love. It's not just about appearances; it's about crafting user interfaces that give your brand a charismatic charm that's as irresistible as a charming wink.

It's like giving your website a wardrobe makeover that turns heads. UI Design isn't just about creating pretty faces; it's about weaving your brand's identity into every button and pixel. It's like dressing your website for success, ensuring it's not just a one-time showstopper, but a digital fashionista that keeps your audience coming back for more. So, let's dress to impress and turn your online presence into a runway sensation with UI Design!

Usability testing

Usability testing

Ever wondered if your website or app is as user-friendly as you think? Enter the digital detective, Usability Testing. This process is like Sherlock Holmes for your user interface design, meticulously tracking down every flaw, no matter how sneaky or subtle. With our rigorous usability testing, you get a magnifying glass to uncover any hidden hiccups in your design, ensuring your digital domain is a smooth, effortless experience for your users.

It's a bit like sending your website through a challenging obstacle course before presenting it to your audience. Usability testing ensures that your digital creation is not just aesthetically pleasing, but also intuitively functional. It's like having an eagle-eyed inspector examining every nook and cranny of your user interface design, making sure your users get an experience that's as sleek as a well-tailored suit. So, let's embark on this digital detective journey and root out any UI design culprits to create an interface that's simply flawless.

Why we're the top pick

We're the cool cats of UI/UX design, balancing flair with function. With a pinch of charm and a heap of expertise, we create digital experiences that turn heads and capture hearts.

Vast experience

We have created interactive, user-friendly apps for innumerable clients, utilizing eye-catching icons, illustrations, and imagery and also modern, easily accessible websites focused on the client’s key strengths.

Competitive pricing

We offer fair pricing to all our clients regardless of the size of their business. Our pricing varies depending on the scope and quality of work and the budget.

Meeting deadlines

We manage our projects efficiently from start to finish to deliver all finished products and services within the deadline.

The way we do it!

Step into the world of UI/UX design and development, where creativity reigns. Explore our journey from inspiration to fine-tuning, crafting digital excellence that captivates users and delights clients.


Inspiration kickstart

We explore digital trends and user behavior, sparking ideas – a vital first step in UI/UX design.


Design blueprints

With inspiration in hand, we craft design blueprints, creating wireframes and mockups, like piecing together a digital puzzle.


Code symphony

Our developers now transform design into code, creating a digital masterpiece with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


The final polish

Our grand finale involves rigorous testing and fine-tuning to ensure your UI/UX emerges polished and ready for the digital stage!

Frequently asked questions

UI design is like the icing on the cake. It makes the cake look good and more appealing, but it's not essential to the cake's overall taste and quality. UX design is like the cake itself. It's what users actually interact with and experience. And if the cake is stale or dry, no amount of icing will make it taste good. So, if you want to create a product or service that is both visually appealing and enjoyable to use, you need to focus on both UI and UX design.

Yes of course! Figma is like a designer's secret weapon. It's the cloud-based design platform that allows us to collaborate with our clients and deliver high-quality designs quickly and efficiently. With Figma, there's no need to send back-and-forth design files or have long conference calls. We can all work on the same design file at the same time, from anywhere in the world. This means that you can see the progress of your design in real-time and give us feedback at any time. It also means that we can deliver your designs to you faster than ever before.

When you receive a design from us, don't be afraid to give us your honest feedback. We're not afraid of feedbacks,we embrace it. Feedback is like a gift that keeps on giving. It helps us to improve our designs and deliver the best possible results to our clients. So, We want to hear from you. We want to know what you like, and what you don't like. We want to implement the necessary changes to make sure that you're happy with the final product.

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Notionhive has been a great design partner for us in Bangladesh. We have enjoyed working with the team on a number of projects, and across multiple dimensions of design. From day one we have been impressed by their professionalism, attention to detail, their creative eye, and most importantly the quality of the work."

Fred Hersch

Fred Hersch

Former Chief Medical Officer & Head of Product, Telenor Health

"Notionhive was a great partner as we rebuilt our website. They understood our vision, provided useful counsel, and executed our needs quickly and professionally. We are thrilled with the result and look forward to working with the team on future projects."

Ben Longmier

Ben Longmier

CTO and co-founder, Swarm Technologies

We worked very closely with Notionhive for revamping GP's corporate portal, both for small and large screens. I found them very creative and timely on project delivery. They are capable of thinking out of the box and are able to provide alternative solutions. I wish them all the best in their future endeavors."

Zakia Zerin

Zakia Zerin

Former Head of Digital & Social Media, Grameenphone

Notionhive worked as a true consultant on the project. They understood our requirements and budget constraints and recommend us solutions based on them. They were also very quick on the turnaround time and delivered on schedule."

Subhaiit Mandal

Subhaiit Mandal

Former Senior Manager, Lumenlab, Metlife Innovation Center

"Notionhive is a fantastic team to work with. Their skills, experience and attention to detail are exceptional. They quickly deliver on our projects within our tight deadlines and communication is always clear and efficient. We look forward to continuing to work with them in the future. "

Kate O'Neil

Kate O'Neil

VP Partnerships, Skills Council of Canada