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Discover our winning combination of expertise, tailor-made strategies, transparency, and proven results. We're not just your average SEO service; we're your digital partners, serving up a recipe for online success.

Tailored local seo

Tailored local seo

Irrespective of your industry – whether you're in retail, hospitality, healthcare, or any other field – our tailor-made strategies are crafted to make your business not just blend in but stand out prominently. We specialize in ensuring your business captures the spotlight and attracts clients from your precisely targeted locality.

Our extensive experience and proven tactics are your secret weapons in the quest for online prominence. Picture your website rising to the zenith of search engine results pages, basking in the digital limelight. Our expertise is like a map, guiding your business through the intricate terrain of the online world, ultimately leading you to the treasure trove of increased visibility and client engagement. Your digital success is not just a possibility – it's a promise with us.

On-page seo and technical audit

On-page seo and technical audit

On-page and technical SEO are the dynamic duo behind your website's triumph. On-page SEO is the art of crafting content that not only resonates with your audience but also plays a harmonious tune with search engine algorithms. It's the magic of strategically placed keywords and engaging narratives that boost your website's visibility and rankings, making it a compelling choice for both visitors and search engines.

On the other hand, technical SEO acts as the digital architect, working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure your website's infrastructure is robust and efficient. From optimizing loading times to tidying up broken links, it paves the way for a seamless user experience.

With our technical SEO audit service, you will get the following: 

  • If the website is crawlable and indexable.
  • Checking the loading speed of the website
  • Identifying the website's mobile-friendliness. 
  • Any technical errors that may be impacting site ranking. 
  • The website's security will also be checked.
Expert technical seo suggestions

Expert technical seo suggestions

Ranking websites higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) is a challenging task, especially without the necessary knowledge and expertise. Thankfully, our team of technical SEO experts is here to help.

We'll start with a thorough assessment of your website to identify and resolve any technical issues that may be preventing you from ranking higher. This may include issues with your website's user experience design, on-page features, or overall structure.

Once we've addressed any technical issues, we'll implement advanced SEO strategies to boost your website's visibility and authority in SERPs. This may include optimizing your website's content for relevant keywords, building backlinks from high-quality websites, and improving your website's overall performance.

High-quality backlink building

High-quality backlink building

Backlinks are the golden tickets to a website's success. In today's competitive digital landscape, a strong backlink profile is essential for standing out from the crowd and driving traffic to your website.

At Notionhive, we're not your average backlink builders. We take a strategic approach to creating high-quality, relevant backlinks that will boost your website's authority and credibility.

We'll work with you to identify the right opportunities and develop a customized backlink-building plan that's tailored to your unique needs and goals.

Have a closer look at some of our strategies:

  • We perform extensive research to find reputable websites and platforms related to your business or niche.
  • We use a tailored and compelling outreach strategy to reach out to selected websites.
  • We also use white-hat link-building strategies 
  • We provide high-quality content for our clients and gain organic backlinks.

Why We're the Top Pick

Ever wondered what makes us stand out? We're not just another player in the game; we're the game-changers. Dive into the mechanics of our top-ranking status, where expertise, tailor-made solutions, transparency, and a track record of success blend into a digital symphony!

Empowering your digital success

Notionhive offers affordable SEO packages to boost your website’s organic visibility, traffic, and rankings. Our proven approach includes strategic planning, efficient keyword research, transparency, and white hat SEO techniques.

Comprehensive organic seo services

Attract customers in your specific area with our comprehensive local SEO services. We’ll consult, implement, and optimize your website to help you climb the search engine ladder organically. We will do organic branding for your company.

Expert organic seo consultant

Our dedicated team of consultants will create customized strategies that will help you stand out from the crowd. Our experts will work closely with you to understand your needs, develop effective strategies, and offer continuous support.

The way we do it!

In our SEO journey, we have a roadmap filled with proven strategies, witty tactics, and a touch of digital magic. Explore the steps that take your website from the shadows to the spotlight.


Seo spy games

We put on our digital detective hats to spy on your competitors and uncover the keywords that work.


Crafting the seo drink

We mix the perfect keywords, sizzling content, and a dash of technical wizardry to create the perfect seo drink that'll send your website up the ranks.


On-page opera

Now, it's time to fine-tune every page of your website like a maestro composing a symphony. Every keyword needs to be in perfect harmony.


The seo catapult

Finally, we launch your website into SEO stardom. It's like sending a rocket into the digital stratosphere where online success awaits.

Frequently asked questions

Think of your website's organic traffic like a plant in your digital garden. It won't flourish if you're serving up content as bland as a cardboard sandwich, grappling with technical troubles, or leaving it starving for keywords and backlinks. Time to don your digital gardening gloves, dig deep, and cultivate some fruitful fixes to watch your traffic blossom.

Discover the ideal keywords for your business by researching relevant topics, using tools like the Google Keyword Planner, and outwitting your competitors' keyword game. It's a strategic keyword hunt where the most ingenious searcher takes home the digital gold.

Take a peek at your website's ranking order in the digital realm using a ranking tool like Ahrefs or SEMrush, or channel your inner detective and manually search for your coveted keywords. It's time to unveil where you stand in the great online popularity contest.

Enlisting a digital marketing agency for your SEO needs is like hiring a seasoned navigator for your online voyage. They bring a treasure chest of expertise, a boatload of resources, and a compass of accountability to steer you in the right direction. Just remember, whether to set sail with them depends on your destination and the size of your budget.

SEO outcomes are like a gourmet dish – they depend on the recipe and the ingredients. You'll savor some tasty improvements in 3-6 months, but for the full-on flavor explosion, be prepared to wait 6-12 months.

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Notionhive has been a great design partner for us in Bangladesh. We have enjoyed working with the team on a number of projects, and across multiple dimensions of design. From day one we have been impressed by their professionalism, attention to detail, their creative eye, and most importantly the quality of the work."

Fred Hersch

Fred Hersch

Former Chief Medical Officer & Head of Product, Telenor Health

"Notionhive was a great partner as we rebuilt our website. They understood our vision, provided useful counsel, and executed our needs quickly and professionally. We are thrilled with the result and look forward to working with the team on future projects."

Ben Longmier

Ben Longmier

CTO and co-founder, Swarm Technologies

We worked very closely with Notionhive for revamping GP's corporate portal, both for small and large screens. I found them very creative and timely on project delivery. They are capable of thinking out of the box and are able to provide alternative solutions. I wish them all the best in their future endeavors."

Zakia Zerin

Zakia Zerin

Former Head of Digital & Social Media, Grameenphone

Notionhive worked as a true consultant on the project. They understood our requirements and budget constraints and recommend us solutions based on them. They were also very quick on the turnaround time and delivered on schedule."

Subhaiit Mandal

Subhaiit Mandal

Former Senior Manager, Lumenlab, Metlife Innovation Center

"Notionhive is a fantastic team to work with. Their skills, experience and attention to detail are exceptional. They quickly deliver on our projects within our tight deadlines and communication is always clear and efficient. We look forward to continuing to work with them in the future. "

Kate O'Neil

Kate O'Neil

VP Partnerships, Skills Council of Canada