UPSL – Redefining the real estate experience

United Group, a conglomerate with over 30 companies, started its real estate journey in 1991. United Properties Solutions Ltd (UPSL), is one of United Group’s real-estate ventures in Bangladesh. Projects designed by the company have modern designs, safety, and high-tech facilities that suit businesses or residences.

The problem

During the lockdown period of the Covid-19 pandemic, property businesses suffered a lot. Buyers could not physically visit the properties, and all physical property fairs were banned.

Given the situation, UPSL needed a unique method to sell their properties. They wanted a campaign that would result in the immediate purchase of flats.

We had two objectives. The first one was to increase awareness about the properties, and the second was to generate property sales.

The solution

Since the pandemic prevented buyers from physically visiting the properties, we implemented a digital campaign to give them a virtual experience of the properties.

The idea was to redirect the audience from Facebook to a Virtual Property Expo Microsite containing images, videos, and key property information on it.

Among all the UPSL projects promoted during the campaign, the United Kashbon project was highlighted the most. On the microsite, we featured a 360-degree virtual tour (designed by UPSL) of the project. This allowed the audience to view its amenities from a unique perspective.

Initially, we planned to promote the feeling of “reimagine freedom” by living away from the chaos of the city where they would have access to modern life amenities like schools, universities, playgrounds, and food courts.

However, the customer responses indicated that they wanted to know more specific attributes about these apartments – such as the area, number of bedrooms, washrooms, etc. They were also interested to know about home loans, and discount offers. We adapted by including these key details in our promotions for better traction.

We created static posts, dynamic content, and instant experiences on Facebook to promote the properties and the virtual expo website to the audience. We incorporated CTA ads that directly took people to the virtual property expo’s landing page.

We collected user information in two ways. One was by a pop-up form that appeared on the microsite, and the other was by following up with users who interacted on the Facebook page through comments or messages. These helped us focus our digital marketing efforts on the right audience and identify potential leads.

We used Facebook Pixel to create lookalike audiences and also remarketed our content to the existing pool throughout the campaign.


The microsite got more than 400,000 impressions. The Facebook campaign generated 493 leads, out of which 40 of the interested buyers physically visited United Kashbon. Among the interested, 7 eventually bought high-end apartments from UPSL. We spent $1,458 on media buying, which ultimately generated approximately TK 140,000,000 (around $1,617,987) in revenue for UPSL.


website impressions


website leads


apartment purchases

৳140 million

approximate revenue

“Notionhive has provided us with excellent support. They increased our sales by developing unique advertising campaigns. They have also assisted us with strategic planning, media buying, and content creation. They have impressed us from the beginning with their proactiveness, professionalism, attention to detail, creativity, and quality of work.”

Ashiqur Rahman Khan

Assistant Manager, Brand & Communications

United Property Solutions Ltd.