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Pubic transport

Team involvement:

SEO team

Services we provided: is an intercity bus service that operates in the Canadian region. They offer express, local, and charter buses between major cities in Ontario and Quebec. They also provide parcel services. 

The problem

Maplebus reached out to us seeking a digital transformation. Despite being a key player in Canadian transportation, they struggled with low website conversions, lagging search engine rankings, and a desire for a stronger local presence. The challenge extended to insufficient organic traffic, limiting their business growth. Maplebus hoped to achieve increased user engagement, website traffic, conversion rates, and bookings, solidifying its position within the ride-sharing industry.



To address Maplebus's challenges, our SEO team devised a comprehensive strategy encompassing various aspects of search engine optimization:

  • Keyword research and analysis: Conducted thorough keyword research, considering specific parameters such as location and user intent, to identify effective keywords for Maplebus.

  • On-page optimization: Conducted a detailed on-page audit, optimizing metadata, webpage content, URLs, and heading tags to be consistent with specified keywords and increase search engine visibility.

  • Website speed optimization: Enhanced the website's loading speed through optimizations, including image compression, code optimization, and server improvements.

  • Optimized landing pages for media buying: Conducted A/B testing to determine the most efficient landing page for media buying campaigns, assuring optimal conversion rates.

  • Technical SEO fixes: Addressed technical issues such as broken links, error 404 pages, blocked pages, and implemented schema markup for better search engine understanding.

  • Google tools integration: Integrated and installed Google Analytics 4 and Google Search Console to track website performance, user behavior, and gain insights for ongoing improvements.


The implemented SEO strategy transformed Maplebus online presence, increasing website visits, and dramatically improving conversion rates. Passengers now effortlessly find Maplebus online, book rides with ease, and experience a significantly faster and smoother journey.


Conversion cost reduction


Organic traffic growth


Organic keywords increased

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