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Team involvement:


Services we provided: is an intercity bus service that operates in the Canadian region. They offer express, local, and charter buses between major cities in Ontario and Quebec. They also provide parcel services. 

The problem

Maple bus came to us to make their website more user-friendly and intuitive. Their site wasn't able to connect the users to the services they offered. They wanted a website that could provide an all-in-one ride-sharing service to their customers and the customers could freely choose the type of service they wanted!

The solution

We built an integrated system within the website so that customers may choose their starting point and destination, as well as the time and bus availability, and the cost of the journey.

There is also a submission system introduced for parcel and chartered rides. A profile management system was added with built-in guidelines and customer support.



The Maple bus website was transformed into a user-centric platform with improved functionality and customer support. Customers gave positive feedback and they appreciated the new design.