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Getting in shape or just trying to live a healthier life is a popular choice these days. I think it is a fantastic phenomenon. But If I talk from my experience, this can be a tricky thing to pull off. Of course, a lot of my friends are hitting the gym like there’s no tomorrow and, these ‘Gym Bros’ are constantly trying to convince me that you need to hit the gym regularly, to stay in shape. That, I don’t really believe. It’s definitely great to work out at a gym. You feel more motivated to work out because of the community-like environment, plus there’s a professional trainer to guide you through the whole process in accordance with your needs and preferences. Despite all these advantages, I think the gym is not for everyone. The gym takes up a lot of time from our busy schedule, and it’s still not a cost-effective option for an individual who just wants to stay in shape.  

I believe you can definitely stay in shape if you have the will to live a healthier life. Cutting down on junk foods and maintaining a well-balanced diet is the first step towards the goal of getting fit. Wait, it’s the first step, not the only step haha. You still need to have a proper workout routine which needs to be followed on a regular basis and need to have enough rest. We can’t expect those six packs magically appearing on our bhaat belly, our own version of the beer belly, can we?  

Now the question is how is it easier for us to stay fit without a gym membership? How can we keep track, where to start or how can we gradually shift to more intense workouts? This is where fitness apps & wearables come in. The rapid development in healthcare technology has presented us with a reality where we can work out anytime, anywhere, at our convenience with some effective apps & wearables. Now there are various kinds of fitness apps & wearables that will guide you throughout your journey of getting fit.

To get you started, I’m recommending some of my favorite fitness apps & wearables here. Hope you’ll also find them very useful and easy to use.


This a combination of app and wearable. Fitbit keeps track of every aspect of your fitness. Tracking your daily activity, exercise, food intake, weight, and sleep routine. If you can track your progress, it helps you to stay motivated and head towards the big goal.


This one’s a very simple and really customizable workout app. Sworkit offers plans for beginners, intermediate, and advanced with a huge database of bodyweight exercises. This means you can work out from anywhere, at your convenience.

Jawbone Up

If you need help tracking, from tracking your weight loss to sleep, Jawbone Up is the perfect app for you. This app will learn your habits and offer you tailored advice to make smarter choices so that you can reach your goal faster.  


Through its app and wearable, Moov offers some really helpful and effective services. You’ll be able to track your heart rate in real-time during workouts and the app works as a coach by giving you audio guidance while you are working out.

I believe if you can make use of these apps & wearables while working out and strictly follow a healthy diet, you can definitely see the change in yourself. By the way, these are just a few apps & wearables which I found handy. I’m sure there are plenty more which can make your journey of getting fit much easier.