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The outbreak of COVID-19 has compelled several organizations to shift to work from home. Unilever, Grameenphone, Banglalink, Robi, and several other organizations instructed their employees to work online. From 19th March ‘20, Notionhive has taken a similar approach.

Although, the practice itself is not new this is the very first time businesses have begun to seriously incorporate the work from home policies. Still, many of us may be confused about how to bring out the best from this situation. To make work smoother and more efficient from home, we have listed a few helpful ways. 

Prepare a dedicated work desk

For a smooth flow of work, prepare a work desk where you will have all your essentials on hand. As you are at home, you are more likely to find your things scattered. Searching for one thing after another can take away a lot of your time and energy. Having all of your necessities in one place will help you retain your focus.

Internet & power backup

When you work from home, there is a great chance of power cuts. During these circumstances, keep your laptop charged and have mobile data to keep your work in progress even when there are no Wi-Fi facilities. If you can afford it, get yourself an IPS to tackle disruption in your work.

Set a tight schedule

When you work from home, your family members may think you are casually surfing the internet like any other day. This perception might cause them to call you for social banters, which you would not approve of during work hours.

To properly maintain a work-life balance, set a schedule for yourself and your dear ones. For instance, clearly mention to them that for a time, you will be thoroughly busy with your work. In that manner, you will be undisturbed and can efficiently progress in your work.


Contrary to the point above, it’s best to adapt to the situation. We’ve never experienced a pandemic before. The situation is new for all of us.  We must also be aware that the pandemic has also caused our children to be homebound as well. It is very natural for them to intervene at your work or talk gibberish while you’re at an online meeting. If they drop by while you’re at a video call, let them say ‘hi’.  Just like Professor Robert Kelly, who kept his composure while being interviewed by BBC News.


Reach out to your Line Managers and Team Members and see if they are doing alright or need anything from you. They won’t be seeing your face for a while. The only thing that will reach out to them is your voice and thoughts. Communication is an integral part of your work. It tells you that you are not alone in this change of system.

Take breaks

Just because you are working from home doesn’t mean you need to be glued to the computer 24/7.  Too much work can wear you out be it at the office or home. Set break times in your work routine, have a boost of energy and come back to work being powered up. 

It’s very likely that you will be working from your home for quite a while. Make the most out of this homely situation. You never know, you might be able to contribute more to your business, the company you work in, and most importantly, yourself, from the comfort of your home.