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COVID-19 has made us homebound for the last couple of days. Given the current scenario, it’s safe to be in the four walls of our home. Yet we can’t deny that our boredom gets the best of us.

In times like this, we would find ourselves aimlessly scrolling through our Facebook newsfeed or get engaged in a time-consuming Instagram story game. After all, we have plenty of time to kill.

On the other hand, we can make the most out of this quarantine phase. Here we have listed a few ways to be productive while being quarantined.

Develop a skill

There is a myriad of skills to harness but your exhausting routine never allowed you to do so. Now, provided you have enough time, start designing in Illustrator, set things in motion with Premiere Pro, or be a master in MS Excel. 

You have plenty of skills to choose from. Start off with one, have the necessary tools installed, watch YouTube tutorials, or simply call a friend who’s already an expert and become proficient.

Complete an online certification course

You can learn a lot through online courses. While such courses take ample amounts of time to complete, your quarantine mode can set you up for hours of homeschooling.

Find a course that seems relevant to your profession or interest and get it started right away. Fortunately, most online courses are made free or provided discounts for the benefit of all the learners while they are in quarantine.

Read a book

A survey commissioned by Scribd and The Harris Poll had shown that the majority of Americans want to read but they don’t have the time to do so.

During this quarantine period, make up a cup of coffee and indulge in a long conversation with Hemingway, Twain, Shakespeare, and many more. You can even read self-help books to progress in your passion project. 

As a matter of fact, you can find a variety of digital books at Scribd that made their collection free for 30 days to tackle your quarantine boredom.

Start learning a foreign language

COVID-19 is a worldwide dilemma. And global problems require global solutions. Starting to learn a foreign language is one of them.

Other than giving you an edge in global networking, starting to learn a foreign language will also boost your brainpower and also provide better career choices. Apps such as Duolingo, Drops, and Babbel can help you in mastering a foreign language.

Start blogging

Blogging can benefit you in your professional and personal development. It gives you the liberty to speak your heart out while honing your writing skills. From making people aware of COVID-19 to speaking about your passion project, a blog lets you do them all. 

WordPress and Medium are some of the renowned blogging platforms. Sign up today and you might even make a difference to a reader who can well resonate with your thoughts.

Optimize LinkedIn

We are all maintaining social distancing. But we cannot forget our valuable acquaintances, can we? And most of them are well tied to LinkedIn. 

Update your profile and start putting valuable content to connect to your community. Reach out your thoughts to your fellow networks, see how they are keeping up with the crisis, or discuss ideas to overcome the crisis. 

As we pray and hope for the pandemic to subside, let’s make proper use of the time we have at hand. Let’s rebuild ourselves in the most dynamic way possible. After all, time is the most valuable treasure.