How brand accessibility can foster your business success

Jan 27 2021 4 min read

Brand accessibility is about constantly being responsive and reachable to a wide array of customers. Your brand can captivate the entire world with its meaningful logo, color palettes, and thought-provoking tagline. But if it’s not accessible enough then the magic will wear off one day or the other.

Customers are impatient now more than ever. They’re boiling with one query or the other. Cater to them, understand their needs, what they believe in, and what they don’t believe in. Be accessible, make the conversation of a lifetime.

In a report published on HubSpot, it is mentioned that 82% of customers require an immediate response to their marketing or sales queries. And 90% of customers want instant customer service. But how fast are we talking here? Well, the report further mentions that the queries should be met in 10 minutes or less.

In a nutshell, brand accessibility is all about providing information about your brand on a constant basis regardless of your customer’s whereabouts. Once you embrace accessibility, you can create a memorable relationship with your customers that in turn harnesses loyalty.

Let’s take a look at Tesla. A visionary brand that leaves the entire world in awe. It’s close to being perfect. But what’s not perfect is that not everyone can afford it. On the other hand, Coca-Cola is literally within arm’s reach. From Mr. Lambart’s refrigerator in the USA to Jafari’s dining table in Nigeria, a bottle of Coca-Cola is there to relinquish everyone’s desire.  

Perks of embracing brand accessibility?

Brand advocates

As your brand becomes more accessible to your customers, they’d be coming back to you for more experiences. Soon, they would be more inclined to share their experiences with their dear ones. When they chime in, your business gets more recruits without much of your investment.

Nothing tops word-of-mouth marketing, does it?

Fostering trust

There will be terrible consequences for your brand if you decide to ghost away or remain ambiguous. Customers these days are very cautious about brands. Gaining their trust is far from easy. But with brand accessibility, you can easily foster a trustworthy relationship. All you need to do is work on your consistency.

Take Coca-Cola for example. It’s always within our hands’ reach. The brand is consistent with its communication. As a result, it has been able to gain its customer’s trust.

Enhances SEO

Even when it comes to your website, you need to be accessible.

Your company’s website needs to comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). In case you didn’t know, WCAG is basically a part of a series of web accessibility guidelines published by the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the main international standards organization for the Internet.

They are a set of recommendations for making web content more accessible, primarily for people with disabilities—but also for all user agents, including highly limited devices, such as mobile phones.

You want your content to be accessible to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) organized by four main principles, which state that content must be POUR: Perceivable, Operable, Understandable, and Robust.

How to make your brand more accessible?

Serve value on the table

You can strengthen your brand when you’re providing value to a great number of customers.

Begin with making communication as smooth as possible. Adapt your customer service practices, so that when your customer management team is unavailable, a chatbot can take over. The key is to be constantly available to your customers.

Secondly, you can offer giveaways. Seriously, though, who doesn’t like freebies? This not only makes your brand more accessible but also creates hype around it.

Take Fortnite for example. In 2019, it grossed $1.9 billion dollars, making it the most popular game of esports. But this wasn’t always the case. It launched in 2017 as a me-too zombie shooter and struggled enormously with Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), its well-established competitor.

PUBG’s ingenious “battle royal” sold over five million copies by enabling a hundred players to concurrently engage in a free of charge gameplay. To tackle this, Fortnite created its own version of battle royal in a span of two months. Fortnite’s battle royal isn’t exactly a copy of PUBG. The developers ensured that gamers of Fortnite have the room to apply their strategic thinking. This indefinitely gave the game an upper hand.

Moreover, PUBG is priced at $29.99 while Fornite made itself accessible by releasing itself as a free-to-play game. That’s not it. Fortnite even made sure it’s playable on any device. Be it a mobile phone, tablet, or a high-end gaming PC, a wide range of gamers got the taste of play.

With the ever-increasing competition, it has become more than necessary to be near your customers. If brand accessibility wasn’t a fundamental part of your strategy before then it’s high time that you should take it into great consideration.