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It has been your lifelong dream to create a clothing brand. You have suppliers, talented designers, and, most importantly, the passion for building your own clothing business. However, there’s an important question: which digital platform should you choose for promotions?

The answer is simple: Whatever you choose, do not ignore the importance of Instagram.

One of the most pressing challenges for a clothing brand is to showcase a lifestyle featuring its designs. Instagram is the fundamental tool that allows fashion brands to show off or even create a lifestyle for the potential consumers to resonate with. 

At Notionhive, we focus on establishing brands on relevant digital platforms like Instagram so that the customers can connect with the brand’s message. 

For clothing brands, we focus on creating a brand personality, especially on Instagram, which helps the target audience to follow the brand’s story and engage with it, leading to direct purchases. We take it a step further by making the audience advocate for the brand, thus establishing brand loyalty.

Let’s examine why Bangladeshi clothing brands should establish Instagram pages.

A snapshot of Bangladeshi Instagram users

According to NapoleanCat, there are over 5 million active Instagram users in Bangladesh. Almost 67.8% of Instagram users are male, while women make up 32.4%. With active users between the ages of 18 to 34, Instagram is popular for showcasing lifestyles through visuals. 

This looks like an insignificant figure, right?

What clothing brands fail to understand is that Instagram does not have less number of users; it has the relevant number of users.

People aged 18 to 34 are actively using Instagram to share their lives through stories and visuals. They also show off their purchases in creative ways. The young and vibrant generations follow brands that have picturesque stories and can cater to their constantly changing lifestyles.

Likewise, the brands will have to maintain this method of visual storytelling to connect with their target audience. Clothing brands that can successfully place their products into the everyday lives of their followers will see higher sales and, in turn, a higher presence on Instagram. 

So let’s look at why clothing brands should invest more in Instagram marketing.

Instagram can visualize the Brand Persona

When setting up an Instagram page, clothing brands must establish a visual representation of their brand persona on it. Unfortunately, many brands make the mistake of reposting their Facebook posts on Instagram instead of giving their brand a different personality on different platforms. Hence, their social media marketing strategy does not work on a consistent basis throughout the different platforms.

On Instagram, people want to follow brands that provide them with a lifestyle solution. Therefore, the pictures should be able to tell the followers what the brand is and how it caters to the audience’s personal image.

Does the brand have a chic image? Or a cool one? Is it funky? Or subtle?

For example, Noir Fashion has an elegant image that caters to people between 18 to 34 years old. The focus is mainly on the clothes and trends with simple, soft colours, making the brand stand out to users when scrolling through the feed. Young adults who prefer clothes with subtle colour tones but chic designs will relate to Noir. 

To create a brand identity on Instagram, clothing businesses are encouraged to click photos and edit the content to match their brand’s guidelines. Visually appealing photos and videos can create value for the followers, giving them a glimpse into the brand’s personality and its core message.

At Notionhive, we emphasize the creative direction when we create a digital marketing strategy on Instagram. Our core objective is to inspire the followers to purchase from the clothing brands through compelling visual stories. 

We identify the people behind the brand, learn their needs, and optimize the content to make the audience connect with the brands. By doing so, the clothing brand is adorning the persona of its target audience and attracting them on Instagram.

Interactive Shops can attract customers

One of the most essential features for a clothing brand on Instagram is the shop feature. Small brands with no physical store but websites and Facebook pages can generate sales from Instagram through this feature. 

An Instagram shop helps clothing brands creatively categorize their products. Think of it as a mini-mall inside a phone. Instagram shops allow fashion brands to create an interactive shopping experience for customers. They can easily navigate the shops’ categories, choose products, and purchase. Colourful pictures, compelling creative designs, and graphic presentation of the products increase the customer’s engagement with the brand.

Notionhive Ltd. helps clothing brands to create interactive shops on Instagram to drive sales while ensuring that the brand guidelines and personality remain intact.

The Viral Effect of Instagram

Instagram provides a platform for users to be more involved in the fashion ecosystem. Its inclusivity allows people from all spheres of life to be involved in setting the trends. In addition, hashtags about fashion and clothing encourage the users to follow brands, and in turn, the brands can become viral.

Moreover, this is not limited to the big brands. Small clothing brands can combine the elements of aspirations and attainability to visually present their products to the audience. As a result, potential customers do not need to go to stores or expensive brands for their fashion needs. This increases a brand’s reach and also generates sales. 

Instagram lets the users advocate for brands

One crucial step for clothing brands is advocacy, a trait that many brands fail to understand. Selling an item is not the last step in making a purchase successful. It’s the user’s experience that defines what a brand will become. Instagram provides users with a platform to visually advocate their experience.

Users who purchase clothes from brands on Instagram also post pictures of those products. The users explain their experience through pictures, and most of the time, they creatively highlight their purchases.

Brands can repost the users’ experiences on their stories or posts, creating an inclusive community for their customers and followers. These experiences are authentic, raw, and picturesque. Followers who have not purchased from the brand are enticed to buy something, while past customers become vocal advocates for the brand.

Hence, Instagram is a powerful tool for clothing brands to create their brand identity and attract the right audience to increase sales. It’s fun and interactive and helps brands connect with their followers regularly.

If you are a fashion enthusiast and a budding entrepreneur, do not skip out on Instagram when creating your digital marketing strategy. With cool new features coming up, Instagram will soon become a necessity among Bangladeshi clothing brands. 


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