Video production & photography

Engaging and high-end video and photography services to help your business stand out.

We recognize the significance of context and sense of reality in videos and photo shoots. This enables us to produce content that creates the most value for viewers.

Our services include

    Get new and creative ideas that meet your objectives and will serve your business long-term.

    Take your OVCs, TVCs, or video content to the next level with detailed scripts that narrate your stories effortlessly.

    Get digital drawings and sketches to visually represent your story prior to video content development.

    Attention-grabbing illustrations help you communicate messages more organically to inform, convince and influence your audience.

    Shoot phenomenal video content on location or in a studio with our full video production services.

    Fine-tune your video content with editing, color grading, sound effects, and more to achieve flawless results.

    Create the illusion of life-like motions and stand out from the competition with our exceptional 2D animation services.

    Brings characters and objects to life and capture your audience’s attention with stunning graphics.

    Visualize products and optimize designs with clear and detailed 3D models.

    Convince your audience with compelling narration from skilled voice actors for your corporate and explainer videos, promos, and OVCs.

    Add a dimension to your brand with distinctive and original background sound effects, jingles, music, and other auditory elements.

    Make your videos accessible to a greater number of people with accurate and relevant subtitles in both English and Bangla.

    Get professional photography services for indoor and outdoor photo shoots including models, real estate properties, and products for catalogs or e-commerce.

    Impress your audience with immersive and outstanding motion graphics videos of your products and services

    Hook your audience in the first few seconds of your videos with striking graphics and animations.

    Establish a strong identity and generate more awareness with memorable and engaging logo animations.

Why choose us

Wide range

Our services include sharing campaign ideas, scripting, illustrations, animations, video editing,  sound design, 3D modeling, indoor and outdoor photography, product and model photography, drone videography, and much more!

High-quality content

Audiences are bombarded with content 24/7. Thus, we use professional and up-to-date equipment, technology, and methods to produce visual content that stands out.

International clients

On top of providing video and photography services in all 8 divisions in Bangladesh, we directly serve clients in Ontario, Canada.

Get a free consultation

We serve diverse clients ranging from small businesses to large companies and we offer both short and long-term contracts.

To know more about what we can do for you, book a free consultation.

Frequently asked questions

    We have our own complete video production and photography team and don’t usually employ or collaborate with other production companies. We also have a video production wing in Ontario, Canada.

    We take about 10 to 15 days on average to create a video from scratch but it might take less or more time depending on the scope and complexity of the project.

    We follow a 4-step procedure: (1) Discovery: We analyze the brief, ideate concepts, make a plan, and present it to the client. (2) Pre-Production: We flesh out concepts, write scripts, and create a storyboard. (3) Production: If the project requires a live shoot, we organize site visits to set up. And if the project is an animation, we complete the illustrations and voice-over in this phase and forward them to the client for approval. (4) Post Production: If the video is an animation, we use the approved illustrations to create the animation. We also add music and sound effects and make final alterations based on client feedback. For live shoot videos, we use the raw footage to edit, color grade, and apply CG when necessary.

“Notionhive was a great partner as we rebuilt our website. They understood our vision, provided useful counsel, and executed our needs quickly and professionally. We are thrilled with the result and look forward to working with the team on future projects.”

Ben Longmier

CTO and co-founder

Swarm Technologies

“Notionhive has shown an excellent attitude towards our brand and style of work. Especially their video team, they created good content, both live and animation. We would say Notionhive is more like a friend than an agency. We loved the discussions and exchange of ideas which led to creating exciting content for Miniso.”

Chowdhury Asifuzzaman



“We worked very closely with Notionhive for revamping GP’s corporate portal, both for small and large screen. I found them very creative and timely on project delivery. They are capable of thinking out of the box and are able to provide alternative solutions. I wish them all the best in their future endeavours.”

Zakia Zerin

Former Head of Digital & Social Media


“Notionhive worked as a true consultant on the project. They understood our requirements and budget constraints and recommend us solutions based on them. They were also very quick on the turnaround time and delivered on schedule.”

Subhajit Mandal

Former Senior Manager

Lumenlab, Metlife Innovation Center

“Notionhive has been a great design partner for us in Bangladesh. We have enjoyed working with the team on a number of projects, and across multiple dimensions of design. From day one we have been impressed by their professionalism, attention to detail, their creative eye, and most importantly the quality of the work.”

Fred Hersch

Former Chief Medical Officer & Head of Product

Telenor Health

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