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Let me guess, your clients are burning with curiosity. But you’re too occupied to get back to them all at once. In such cases, why don’t you let the bot do the talking?

Chatbots are basically automated programs, which act as a medium to communicate with humans via textual or auditory means. In general, chatbots assist organizations to enhance their customer service.

Let’s have a deeper look at how customer service is getting eased up by the celestial help of chat bots.

Convenience & reliability

The booming e-commerce sector has made the customers more curious than ever. They have a list of queries, which have to be answered in time. If not, then things may look very ugly for your business.  

The fun fact about certain chatbots is that they are developed on the foundation of natural language processing and machine learning. These give chatbots the ability to perform human-like cognition, which helps to understand the customers’ purpose while interacting with them.

Take Spotify’s chatbot, which makes it handy for customers to search, listen and share their favorite music. It even asks about their activities, mood, and genre and then suggests songs, likewise. For instance, if they’re on a long drive, Spotify can let them have a classic AC/DC moment by ringing “Highway to Hell” in their ears.

But here’s the hitch, Spotify isn’t officially supported in Bangladesh. So, we might have to wait a bit to have our own AC/DC moment.


Customers are impatient. Especially us, the millennials. As a matter of fact, I remember how restless I was while ordering an action figure online. I was persistently messaging them and they were politely answering until a miniature figure of Batman was at my doorstep.

According to a report, 57% of customers expect a response within half an hour. It doesn’t matter if it’s the middle of the night. All they want is a response as quickly as possible.

Chatbots keep up with that tempo of communication. They are like sleepless mythical creatures fueled by espresso shots. Their instant replies at any time of the day drastically improve customer experience. While they answer all our queries, we snore away into the night. How sweet is that!

Speaking on a personal note, my colleagues in the online engagement team made chatbots their workmates. While the team is constantly working to provide a satisfying service to our customers, some of our specific clients require a speedy response.

Therefore, the added feature of chat bot became a helping hand and took the overall service to a whole new level.


To err is human. But that doesn’t apply to your business. A slip-up in answering customer queries or even silly grammatical errors can make you look really unprofessional.

Anyhow, to err is definitely not a chatbot. Cognitive technology allows chatbots to be precise with automated answers. This enables them to respond to customers with fewer errors.

Talking about precision, The Wall Street Journal’s chatbot is a good example.  It keeps you updated about today’s market, company information, and key financial metrics. By staying on top of big news, you might even fancy yourself to become the next Wolf of Wall Street!

DIA – Bangladesh’s take on chatbot

The country’s first-ever AI-based chatbot has been launched by Eastern Bank Ltd. It even has a pretty name – DIA. But DIA is not just another pretty name. It is the abbreviation of “Digital Interactive Agent”.

Through Facebook Messenger, DIA answers all the customer queries. Starting from accounts, credit cards, and prepaid cards to a general customer query about EBL’s products and services, DIA answers them all with her touch of digital flair.

The use of chatbots has surely made lives easy and trouble-free. Entrepreneurs operating in the e-commerce sector can’t agree enough on that. But then again, we cannot completely disregard our humane essence. In spite of being historically emotive, the conveyance of our own speech can make the necessary difference.