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Making a video may sound easy, but making something that breaks the internet and goes viral, that takes a lot of effort. That’s why knowing the little tips help out a lot when it comes to making a successful video campaign. To guide you through the process of making an amazing video for your marketing campaign, yours truly has come up with 5 steps to a successful video campaign. Just try to follow these and you’ll do great!

1. Find out the USP (Unique Selling Point) of your product/brand

USP is what you want your brand to be known as, the thing that makes your brand special. It is not always possible to make yourself stand out with a unique product. But what matters is making people realize that you are different from others. Rather than focusing on many things at once, try to find out a specific thing that will make you distinctive from the others. Make your USP in accordance with the vision of your brand.

Nike, one of the world’s largest sports brands, goes by the tagline, “Just Do It”. They wanted to portray a motivational image of themselves inspiring people to concentrate on fitness and taking chances. They have been incorporating this tagline in all of their campaigns, keeping consistency with their brand vision.

Try to design your advertising videos to convey your USP. You can easily use online videos to promote your USP and directly communicate with your customers. So, capture your customer’s attention with an appropriate video that brings out the uniqueness of your brand.

2. Consider your TG (Target Group)

There are various ways to set the target group for your brand. You may categorize by age, gender, role, income, or even geographical location. The vast amount of options may be confusing and that is why it is important to invest time and research into finding out your actual customer base. Considering the TG while making a video is absolutely essential. Some tips to define your target customers are:

  • Analyze your product/service- Start by listing down the features of your product or service. Find out the benefits they provide. Each product serves specific groups of people, and their marketing videos are scripted accordingly. For example, Chanel and Gucci are high-end designer brands. They would not be strategizing to attract lower to the middle-income population of the world. Their main target market will always be the upper tier of society. Likewise, the brand Axe makes male grooming products. It’s marketed towards the younger male demographics. Their videos are scripted to show how you can become more presentable and well-groomed by using their products.
  • Evaluate your competition- This is crucial for successful marketing. If you do not know what your competitors are offering, how can you strive to be better? Figure out their customer base. You may go after the same target group or choose a completely different segment altogether. The choice is always yours!

3. Identify your brand’s tone of communication

The tone of communication of a brand is what defines its personality. It gives your brand a distinct voice. It allows customers to understand and communicate with your brand better, which leaves a greater chance of getting your message through to them. A company’s tone of voice will define all of its written copy, its website design, social media messages, emails, video marketing campaigns, and even packaging. The same message may sound different if said in a different tone. A brand can use a serious tone for their communication or a friendly one as per the nature of their product or target group. That is why it is important to carefully choose the style of communication for your brand. Your target group predominantly defines how your tone should be. Coke has always spoken to us in a voice designed to evoke happiness. Whether that’s the joy of family, the joy of friends, or the joy of the holidays, Coke consistently presented to us the joy of sharing something with our loved ones.  So, remember that, whatever your brand’s tone is, always be consistent!

4. Strike up a big idea

Try to come up with a big idea for your brand. It can either represent the brand as a whole or even a separate idea for each campaign. Coca-cola has revolutionized the concept of ‘big idea’ in marketing. Their big idea has been changing over the years around sharing a bottle of coke, spreading happiness, and creating bonds. Recently they have also launched various CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) campaigns to promote activities like recycling. Check out how Coca-cola incorporated big ideas in different campaigns

We, Notionhive, did some successful video campaigns for various brands in Bangladesh. Amaze Power, a company that provides all kinds of industrial solutions, wanted to increase its brand awareness. Our big idea was to uphold the values of Amaze Power. We made a video for them, as a tribute to our independence. This video was widely viewed and shared over social media which helped them gain much exposure.

5. Assemble your A-team

Or in other words, organize the best team you want to work with. Building a team with great dynamics requires a lot of effort. One of the best ways to understand effective team-building is to look at high-performing brands and the team dynamics that drive them. Instead of replicating their strategies, try to incorporate ideas and see how you can make it work. Marketing director Adam Zavalis, of Aldi UK, believes, “An effective team is made up of complementary skill sets, great people managers and personalities with the right mindset”. A good team has a combination of creativity, fun, understanding, respect, and sincerity. For a successful video production team, there are certain roles your team members must fulfill. Understanding your brand, your idea and incorporating them into a successful video is essential. You can also take the help of a professional and experienced team to help achieve the outcome you desire.

For more insights, check out our take on Internet Marketing and Video Marketing. So now you know the steps to a successful video campaign. There are no fixed rules that you must follow. Rather, you can use the ideas to decide what will work best for your brand. Because only you can recognize what you need to make your video campaign successful!