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There are countless ways to design and market yourself through videos. Let’s take you through the Buyer’s journey and see which video to use in which stage:

Awareness stage

This is the stage when the customer realizes s/he has a problem that needs to be addressed. Your goal here is to provide options that will help them choose the best solution to their problem. Video options like brand videos, animation videos, educational videos, explainer/tutorial videos all may provide the buyer with options and help you to showcase your offerings.

Consideration stage

In this stage, the buyer has already looked through his/her options and will choose the best one. This is the optimum time for you to present the benefits that you provide and guide them into choosing you. To attract customers to your brand, you may use product videos/brand videos, company culture videos, customer testimonial videos, and even video PSA (Public Service Announcements).

Decision stage

This is the final chance to help your customers in deciding to choose your brand. Videos like FAQ videos, demonstration videos, personalized videos can help your customers to differentiate you from others and boost your brand’s conversion rate.

Even after converting or influencing your buyer and closing the deal, you can keep an interactive communication with them through videos which will help build a lasting relationship. A small thank-you video can double the appreciation of your customers, making them feel special and more content with your services, making them your loyal customers in the longer run.  

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