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At Notionhive Technology, we take pleasure in creating class-leading websites using WordPress technology. Our creation not only engages visitors but also produces noticeable results for our clients. Recently, our commitment to this mission was recognized on a prestigious platform, winning the TECHBEHEMOTHS AWARDS 2023 for WordPress Development.

techbehemoths awards 2023

So you might ask, why were we chosen for the award? Let’s explore some of the enchanting projects that helped us on our way to achieving excellence!

Deep dive into Notionhive’s award-winning projects

Imagine a WordPress project that meets expectations and surpasses them, leaving an exceptional mark. That is what we did with iQ3Connect Inc. and, our two esteemed clients.

The iQ3Connect story

iQ3Connect, a platform focused on creation and collaboration with 3D content, wanted to revamp its website for improved user experience. The original site lacked intuitiveness and made information hard to find. 

Our solution? A complete overhaul, we used WordPress technology to craft a user-centric platform. Visitors now navigate effortlessly, finding information with ease. The revamped site received praise for its user-centric design and improved functionality, aligning perfectly with iQ3Connect’s vision.

Reimagining Maplebus CA is an intercity bus service connecting Ontario and Quebec. They came to us for a user-friendly website to showcase their express, local, and charter bus options, alongside parcel services. Their previous site lacked clarity and a unified booking experience. 

To answer this call, we leveraged WordPress technology to create a user-centric platform. We introduced Integrated systems that allowed customers to effortlessly find routes, check availability, and book tickets tailored to their needs. Our experts also streamlined charter bookings and profile management, further enhanced by clear guidelines and readily available customer support. 

You might wonder about the result of our efforts. You will be glad to know the transformed website is praised for its user-friendliness and seamless travel experience, empowering to connect customers with their desired journeys with ease.

“Winning this award at the TECHBEHEMOTHS is a tremendous honor,” says Nazmul, Program Manager at Notionhive Technology. “It reflects the dedication of our entire team in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with WordPress. We believe in creating websites that are not just visually stunning, but also strategically designed to achieve our clients’ goals.”

More than pixels: How Notionhive’s WordPress work makes a difference


The impact of Notionhive wasn’t just about pixels and code. Our client’s website witnessed an increase in bookings, a captivated audience, and a dramatic boost in online sales. Their website is no longer just a digital brochure, they have become a powerful tool for driving business growth.

But Notionhive’s magic isn’t confined to award-winning projects. We have websites for e-commerce behemoths, advertising firms, and even nonprofits in our portfolio, which demonstrates our versatility. Our every project is infused with its signature mix of technical knowledge and user-focused design.

Tareq, COO of Notionhive Technology, highlights the importance of continuous improvement: “We are constantly innovating and staying ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving WordPress landscape. This ensures that our client’s websites not only look great today but are also equipped to handle future growth and technological advancements.”

Collaborative thinking and open communication help us to bring your vision to life. Our expert advice? Prioritize user experience, collaborate closely, and stay updated with the latest WordPress trends, and you’re sure to succeed!

Echoing this sentiment, Affan, CEO of Notionhive Technology, adds, “The award is a testament to the expertise and collaborative spirit of our entire team. We are passionate about building websites that empower businesses and captivate audiences, and this recognition fuels our commitment to delivering exceptional WordPress solutions.”

Final thoughts

Notionhive’s success at the TECHBEHEMOTHS AWARDS 2023 is a testament to our dedication to crafting exceptional WordPress websites. We are more than just a team of engineers; we’re also partners in your digital transformation as well.

Our efforts will not only make your website look good but also drive results for you. So, if you’re looking to create your digital success, get in touch with Notionhive.Our WordPress experts are eager to help you build up a website that’s as powerful as it is enchanting.