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In this digital era, we love watching content about styling, comedy, home décor, etc. This is where an influencer takes their space. One can spend hours watching only one influencer’s content. But have you ever noticed that your influencer choice varies from others? Yes, your favorite influencer doesn’t need to be loved by your neighbors. Why? Because one can not cater to everyone’s needs. Hence there are many types of influencers, and today, influencers of Bangladesh got us so hooked that brands are now building their marketing strategies wrapped around them. According to recent studies, influencer marketing is set to reach $16.4 billion globally in spending by 2022, with brands allocating an increasingly significant portion of their marketing budget toward influencer campaigns. With such growth in popularity and investment, it is more important than ever to understand the value and potential impact of influencer marketing.

What is influencer marketing?

In short, an influencer marketing strategy is when you promote or endorse your product/s by a person who has a vast amount of followers and a record of influencing the good in people. The endorsement or promotional content can be posted from your brand’s page or the influencer’s page. It can also be a cross-posting campaign. Now let’s dig in deeper. 

Different Types of Influencers

The type varies by the content one makes. Such as:

  • Comedy 
  • Fashion 
  • Food Blogger
  • Home Decor
  • Cooking 
  • Dancing 
  • Singing 
  • Art & Crafts 
  • Writing 
  • Gamer
  • Technology 
  • Book Review  
  • Vlogger
  • Activist 
  • Politics
  • Beauty 
  • Fitness
  • Motivational 
  • Educational 
  • Traveling

Brand image

This is the most important part of the influencer marketing strategy in 2023. Whereas a few brands are for all, most of the brands have their own style. When you look from the brand’s perspective, not everyone can bring out your brand style. Just like how oil will never mix with water. Knowing your brand’s image and finding the perfect match can be tiring sometimes. But it will bring you greater success. Moreover, you have many influencer marketing examples to learn from!

Sending PRs

One recent trend is to send free products to influencers in exchange for an honest review. These are mostly targeted at female influencers in Bangladesh. But will you achieve your brand goal through that? It’s always better to calculate all the outcomes (especially the negative ones). Think long-term and whether it is really bringing you more customers or decreasing your brand value.

Wrong TG

A vast amount of research needs to be done before the execution. It is very important to match the right combination of influencers for your audience. Such as, if your brand is about real estate, collaborating with a gamer won’t help your case generally. But, it might open a new door for you if your TG is the gamer’s TG. It’s always best to avoid controversial channels that contradict your brand and products.  

Wrong way of marketing

In this era of ads, we’ve become an expert to skip them. Therefore most of the brands try to send their message or hook us during the first 5 seconds. Which often compromises the integrity of the ad. Same with influencer marketing. We scroll the moment we catch a paid promotion. Hence nowadays brands and influencers are collaborating and promoting products subtly. On the other hand, Marketing strategy varies according to the platform. Such as, an influencer might have a huge fanbase on Instagram but on Facebook that influencer might not be very engaging. Therefore, you need to list down the top Facebook influencers and top Instagram influencers in Bangladesh separately. Then find the best fit for your brand.  

How an agency can help you?

With the constant practice of marketing and always keeping up with time, an agency can dictate the trend and set the tone for your brand. Therefore, an agency will be very careful with your case study, content & background research, strategy, keywords implementation, script, target audience selection and most importantly, influencer selection. Which are ‘must needs’ before any execution. Notionhive has several proven records of success in influencer marketing and Noir’s video campaign is one of them.


Influencer marketing is as trendy as its importance. But one wrong step can vanish your brand value along with the influencers’.  Simply having a high number of followers does not guarantee success in influencer marketing. Careful consideration and strategic planning are key to ensuring a successful collaboration.

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